Using Guided Access Mode

After you've activated the Guided Access mode on your device, your athletes are now ready to start logging their treatments on their own. All of these logged treatments will need to be approved, so you'll have the chance to edit and review them before they're completely logged. 

video tutorial | step-by-step tutorial


1. Each athlete will be asked their first and last name as well as their birthday. They'll need to make sure that this information matches perfectly with how they're already entered into the system or it won't recognize them. 

2. They'll then be asked to enter the basic information regarding the treatment, such as area, body part, and side. Once this is all entered, they'll click on Done. 

3. They will now be asked to select the treatment they are receiving from a list. They're able to select multiple at once if they're receiving multiple treatments. Once they're done, they can hit the Next button in the top right. 

4. On this page, they can either select Add Another Treatment or Done depending on their needs.

5. If they select Done, this will bring them back to the home page where the next athlete can log in and enter their treatment in the same way. 

Remember that all of the data entered by the athletes will be reviewed by you and is editable if needed. 

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