5 Helpful Reports to Know About

The reporting features built-in to Healthy Roster will allow administrators to quickly and easily monitor their ATs while also proving their value and worth. These are the five most common and useful reports according to our customers. 

Provider Engagement

Provider Engagement.png

The provider engagement report allows administrators to keep track of their provider users engagement levels within Healthy Roster by an organization. This report will quickly show the number of teams and athletes created. The report also covers injuries, incident reports, treatments that have been logged, and more. 

Treatment Costs

Treatment Costs.png

The Treatment Costs breakdown report by type allows you to keep track of what you're spending money on by the type of treatment. This will allow you to make better budget decisions and clearly show where the money is going. 

Injury Breakdown

The injury breakdown report has a lot of features built into it. This report allows you to sort and see your data broken down by level, season, sport, location, The breakdown below is an example of sorting by type of injury. This report is easy to customize to show the data that you need. If your organization has entered custom mandatory questions to be answered while filling out an injury, you can sort by those questions using this report as well. 

Injury Breakdown.png

Follow-Up Service Estimated Revenue by Provider

This report allows you to see the number of follow up services broken down by the provider that created and then by type and their estimated revenue to your organization. This is particularly helpful when you're looking to prove why you need these Athletic Trainers and want to show the estimated revenue that they're generating for your health care system. You can learn more about the profit generated by Athletic Trainers who use Healthy Roster here

Follow-Up Service Estimated Revenue by Organization

This report is similar to the one above, but instead of breaking down the estimated revenue by individual providers, this one breaks it down by the organization. This will allow you to see the number of follow up services that are coming out of individual schools or organizations as a whole.