Signing a Document

These tutorials show you how to complete and sign a document on Healthy Roster, both on the Healthy Roster app and on the Healthy Roster website.

video tutorialS

Completing and Signing A Document on the App:

Signing A Document on the Healthy Roster Website:

step-by-step tutorial


After you've been assigned a document that you need to sign, open Healthy Roster, log in, and then follow these steps. 

1. Go to the Athlete’s profile page and select the Documents box at the top of the screen. 

2. From the missing documents section of the page, select the document that you need to fill out and sign.

3. Go through and fill out the form. At the bottom of the form there will be a Submit button (for some groups, this may read Review and Sign), click on that. 

4. Under the Your Name field, fill out your name. 

5. Next, select who is signing the document, this will depend on if you're the athlete or Parent/ Guardian. 

6. You can then select the appearance of your digital signature if you'd like. 

7. At the bottom, select I Agree.

After you select I Agree you'll be brought to a PDF generated version of the completed form to review. 

8. If everything looks correct, click the Sign Here button on the screen to digitally sign the document.

After you click Sign Here, you'll be prompted with a box that will allow you to continue reviewing the document or you can select Done Signing


If the document you are signing requires a second signature, such as an athlete, doctor or additional parent, you have the ability to have them digitally sign this same document even if they don't have a Healthy Roster account. 

9. After clicking the Sign Here button from step 8, in the signing complete box that pops up, click on Request Signature.

10. Fill out the person's name, email, and role before clicking on Request Signature at the bottom. 

11. That person will then get an email from Healthy Roster alerting them of the new signature request. In that email will be a link to sign the document as well as a unique code used to verify that it is them. 

12. Once that person clicks on the Sign Document link from the email, they'll be asked to enter the code that they received. 

13. They'll then be prompted with their name and digital signature appearance as well before selecting I Agree.

14. After clicking on that button, they'll be presented with the PDF version of the filled out form to review. After reviewing the document, they'll click on the Sign Here button and then be prompted with a pop up to select either Continue Reviewing Document or Done Signing. 

After both people have submitted their signed form, it will no longer show up as a Missing Document in the users account. 

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