SAFE Athlete Account Changes

When you are ready to launch SAFE Athlete at your organization, our team will add a few new features to your Healthy Roster account.


Agree to Customer User Guidelines

You will be required to agree to our Customer User Guidelines the first time you log in after we turn on SAFE Athlete functionality. This pop up will occur for every provider user in your account who may use SAFE Athlete.

Here are the Customer User Guidelines:

Here is an overview of the Customer User Guidelines:


New Survey Tab

On both the Athlete Details and Organization Details pages on the web platform, you will now see a “Surveys” tab. These are only visible to provider users and are where you can send surveys.


New Document Types: Mental Health Survey and CSSRS

The PHQ-9 (titled Mental Health Survey in your account) and the CSSRS will now be listed as Document Types in your Documents tab. They will be ready to go for when you want to test and/or send a screening. Like all other Document Types, you’ll be able to click on either document type to view summary report details for each survey.


“Send a Survey” on the MObile App

On the mobile app, you will now be prompted to either add an attachment or send a survey when adding a document to an athlete’s profile. Clicking “Send a Survey” will start the process of sending that athlete the PHQ-9. This is also only visible to provider users.