Referrals / Follow Up Services

Every time you send an athlete to a physician (whether in your health system or outside of it), you are generating revenue for that physician. This can then be calculated to generate the value athletic trainers bring through their healthcare system’s outreach work. Not only that, but by logging a follow-up service in Healthy Roster, you are able to provide parents with details and recommendations on what their athlete needs to return to play safely and quickly.

Send us a list of healthcare systems/providers/physicians/etc and we will load them into your Healthy Roster account. That way, your ATs are immediately able to accurately log follow up services.

Required Information:

  • Healthcare System: Name

  • Providers: First Name, Last Name, Role (Athletic Trainer, Administrator, Doctor, Nutritionist, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Office Administrator, Physicians Assistant, Physical Therapist, Other)

  • Facilities: Name, Address, City, State, ZIP

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