Provider vs. Normal Users

When adding users into the Healthy Roster system, there are multiple levels and options to choose from. This quick guide will help you better understand these various roles to make sure you're adding users correctly. Making sure you create these users in the right locations will help to guarantee they have the proper access they need.

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Step-by-step tutorial

User Types in Healthy Roster



These users are any of your healthcare professionals. These include your Doctors, Athletic Trainers, or other Healthcare providers covered under HIPAA. Provider users are the ones who will be logging injuries and treatments, creating follow-up services and referrals, and running reports. These users are all invited and managed under the Admin Tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard. 


Normal users are the users that we don't charge you to add. These include your athletes, parents, coaches, and Athletic Directors. These accounts are all added at a different level, granting them a different level of oversight and access. 

Athletic Directors are added at the Organization level. This gives them the ability to monitor all the teams and athletes that are created within their organization. These users are also able to see any documents that may be assigned to groups within their organizations, allowing them to handle these files digitally or help approve submitted documents. 

Coaches are added at the team level. This provides them access to any athletes that have been assigned to their team, but they won't be able to see athletes on other teams within that organization. Coaches are able to manage documents that have been assigned to their team, meaning they can help approve and manage documents for their players if necessary. 

Parents and Athletes are invited at the athlete profile level. These users only have access to the information directly pertaining to them. Adding users at this level allows them to submit documents digitally, communicate with their ATs about injuries, or log their own injuries that may happen outside of their sports. These users are added to an athlete profile that already exists within the system. 

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