Merging Duplicate athletes

Our system is designed to automatically detect when an athlete profile already exists to prevent creating duplicate athletes, but sometimes duplicates can happen when the spelling of the names aren't exactly the same. We've built in the ability to easily merge two athlete's profiles together while preserving the data from both of them. 

This tutorial shows you how to merge two athletes into one profile to eliminate any duplicates.   

video tutorial | step-by-step tutorial

video tutorial

Step-by-step tutorial


1. Navigate to the organization that you have two athletes in that you need to merge and locate one of the athletes from the list. 

2. Once you've found the athlete's name in the list, click on the three vertical dots on the right hand side to reveal a small menu, from this menu select Merge Athlete.

3. You'll be brought to a new page with the athlete you selected on the left and an empty box on the right. In the blank field on the right, type in the other athletes name and select it from the list. 

4. You now have the ability to decide which athlete profile you want to keep as the main one and which one you just want the date from. Remember that no matter which athlete profile you keep, the injury history will remain for both of them, the only things that will be overridden are the demographics. Click on the Keep This Athlete button above the profile that you want to keep.

5. Once you've got both athlete profiles picked and decided which profile will remain, click on the Merge button in the middle of the two profiles. 

Now there will only be one athlete profile for that athlete but the injury history from the two prior profiles will remain. 


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