Inviting Parents

Inviting parents to access their athlete’s profile allows them to have a bigger and more active role in understanding their child’s return to play journey. 

Video Tutorial | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Tutorial


1. Start by going to the organization that you want to add these athletes under

2. Click on the orange Add Athletes button

3. Under the Import Athletes tab, you can download an Excel or CSV template to fill out with all your athlete's information. Using these templates will ensure that all of your data is structured correctly when you upload it. The very minimum to create athlete profiles are columns B (first name), C (last name), and D (date of birth). 

It is recommended that you include an email for the athletes so that during the upload process it can automatically send them out invites to join. If the athletes are over the age of 18, you can put that email in column G, but if the athlete is under the age of 18, they won't receive an invite. For athletes under the age of 18, put their parent's email in column P and W, under the Emergency Contact field and they'll receive the invite to join Healthy Roster. 

4. Once you have your document ready for upload, click on Choose File,  find the file, and then click on Upload.

5. If you've received prior authorization from the athlete's parents to share their PHI with coaches and Athletic Directors, you can check the box stating I Have Received Prior Authorization to Share The Personal Health Information of These Athletes Via Healthy Roster to automatically do this. If you have not received this prior approval, DO NOT check this box, you can always go back later and update this.

6. Click on Upload and then the file will process and upload. After the file is done processing, it will show you how many athletes were successfully created and any athletes that failed. Athletes may fail if their information in columns B, C, and D is missing or if they would be creating a duplicate profile for someone who already exists in the system. 


1. Start by going to the organization that you want to add these athletes under

2. Click on the orange Add Athletes button. This will be a list of all the organizations that you've been assigned to by your administrator. 

3. Go to the Create Athlete tab.

4. Fill out the information listed, at the minimum you need their first name, last name, and date of birth. For athletes over the age of 18, if you enter an email they'll be sent invitations to join Healthy Roster and create an account. If the D.O.B for the athlete is under 18, the system will ask you to enter a Parent/ Guardian's contact info and will use this email to send out the invite to join Healthy Roster. 

5. When you're done filling out the form, click Create Athlete at the bottom of the page, and the athlete will now be entered in the system. 

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