Follow Up Services on the App

Follow Up Services are a valuable tool in Healthy Roster for multiple reasons. Whether or not you work for a healthcare system, follow up services can help you demonstrate your value as a healthcare professional. In our reports section, you can track estimated revenue from follow-up services and find other valuable insights that will empower you to advocate for the importance of your role.

Adding follow up services can provide an access point for a healthcare system to generate new revenue, but more importantly, they help you refer patients to other healthcare providers so the patient, whether an athlete or an employee, can return to full activity as quickly and safely as possible.

Video Tutorial | Step-by-Step Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Step By Step Tutorial

Adding A Follow Up Service

  1. Go the injured athlete’s Healthy Roster profile and tap on Follow Up Services.

  2. You can see all existing Follow Up Services for that athlete on this page. To add a new Follow Up Service, tap the + icon in the upper righthand corner.

  3. Select the Referral Date.

  4. Select the Organization you are referring the athlete to.

  5. Select specific Healthcare Provider.

    • Note: if that provider user is in Healthy Roster, you can send them a notification about the follow up service.

  6. Adding Specific Follow Up Information

    1. Add Service (optional): Select the service type, date, time and facility. Tap Save when you are done. You can add multiple services to one follow up by tapping Add Service again or you can choose to not add any services.

    2. Add Associated Injuries: Tap on one or more injury related to the incident. Then tap Save.

  7. Add Administrative and/or General Notes

    • Administrative Notes: only viewable by healthcare providers - not the athlete or their care circle

    • General Notes: viewable by the athlete, their care circle and healthcare providers

  8. Tap Save.

  9. Send Notification Options

    • Send to Patient: If a primary user such as the athlete or their legal guardian are in Healthy Roster

    • Send to Provider: If the healthcare provider in the follow up service is attached to a provider user in Healthy Roster

    • You also may have the option to send a notification to Both. You can also choose to not send any notifications with No Thanks.

Changing The Status of a Follow Up Service

  1. Go the injured athlete’s Healthy Roster profile and tap on Follow Up Services.

  2. Tap on the existing follow up service that you have an updated status for.

  3. Tap directly on the status.

  4. Pick between Pending, Scheduled, Completed, Athlete Declined, Provider Declined, or No Response.

  5. Tap Save.