Entering Kiosk Mode - Android

We understand how hectic an Athletic Trainer's room can be and that's why we've created the Treatments Kiosk Mode. When an Athletic Trainer enters this mode, their phone will be locked down so the only thing someone can do is enter another treatment. This means you can safely and securely have your athletes enter their own treatments into the system while you perform them to cut down on time. Once you're done, you're able to go back and approve each logged treatment one-by-one to make sure they're correct. We want you to spend more time treating your athletes rather than documenting. 

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step Tutorial


1. Go to your device's settings app. Under the Personal section, select Security.

2. Go to Advanced and select Screen Pinning and make sure that it is turned on. For security purposes, we recommend enabling "Ask for PIN before Unpinning".

3. Go to the Healthy Roster app and log in.

4. Go to the More tab on the bottom right of the screen. 

5. Select Treatment Kiosk. Every time you activate the kiosk mode, you'll be prompted with a screen detailing how to exit screen pinning. This process will vary depending on your particular device, so please review it. Click on Got It when you know how to exit the Screen Pinning mode.

6.  Your athletes are now ready to log their treatments. For more details on that process, click here.

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