SAFE ROSTER and the Customer User Guidelines

Overview and Frequently Asked Questions


As we roll out our new mental health platform, SAFE Roster, we’ve added specific language to our user guidelines and terms of use.  Acknowledging these guidelines does not mean that your organization is or will be able to use SAFE Roster functionality, unless your organization works with our team and deploys it a later date. We are currently rolling these features out slowly to our first Early Access customers, with a wider release for our customers in the coming months.

What are the new Customer User Guidelines?

These are guidelines you and/or your healthcare system already agreed to when starting your contract with Healthy Roster, but as we’re updating other language, we want you to see these again.  We've added some notes about using our mental health platform, SAFE Roster, that only applies if your organization has launched the SAFE Roster features as part of the Early Access program.

What does End User mean?

“End Users” means any non-provider user in Healthy Roster, namely athletes, employees, parents or coaches.