creating teams

One of the easiest ways to sort and manage all of your athletes within an organization is to use teams. This will allow you to sort your athletes by sports and levels, while also inviting coaches to their teams to see their athletes status'. 

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to create a team and assign players to it.

video tutorial | step-by-step tutorial

video tutorial

step-by-step tutorial


1. Go to the organization that you want to create the team under and go to the Teams tab.

2. Under the Teams tab, click on New Team.


3. Fill out the form with the Team's name, sport, league/ level, gender, and you can upload a logo if you want.

4. You can invite a coach right from this menu by entering their email in the bottom box. You can also invite them later on if you don't know their email while creating the team. 

5. Once you're done, click on Create Team



1. Go to the team you just created.

2. Click on Add Athletes to Roster.


3. You can now search for the athletes that you want to add to the team, once you've selected all the athletes that you want, click on Done. 

You can also bulk add athletes to a team by going to Upload Athletes within the team and uploading an excel document of the players. If the athletes already exist in Healthy Roster, their profiles won't be duplicated but they will be added to this team.