Assigning Documents

One of the many features that makes Healthy Roster so powerful is our ability to handle documents. You can now handle all of your physicals and pre-participation forms digitally within our app. This tutorial will be focused on assigning a document to one of your organizations. 

video tutorial | step-by-step tutorial

Video Tutorial

step-by-step tutorial


1. Go to the documents tab from the left side navigation menu on your dashboard. 

2. Click Add A New Document Type.


3. Enter the name of the document along with a short description or instructions for filling out the document and then click Next.

4. Here you have a few options based on the type of form that you're assigning to your organization: 

Custom Form

  1. If you've purchased a custom form or are assigning a prebuilt form, select that from the dropdown list labeled Select a Form and then click Next.

PDF or Word File

  1. If you're uploading a PDF or Word file that you need the parent to fill out, drag and drop or click to upload that file in the second box labeled Click or Drag and Drop Files Here and then click Next.

Parent File Upload

  1. If you don't have a form to fill out but rather need to have the athletes or parents submit something like an insurance card or physical, you can leave both of these boxes blank and click Next.

5. Here you can select whether or not the document is required by simply checking the box. This will make the document show up as a Missing Requirement in every member of the organizations account that you assign it to. 


6. You can set the expiration date for the submitted forms here as well if there is a default one. This field isn't mandatory. 

7. You also have the ability to require a review and approval for each document uploaded. If you don't require this, click the Next button on the right-hand side.


If you do require approval, click the checkbox and then from the drop-down menu you can select which users have the ability to approve the documents. 

8. In the Reminder Notification section, you can decide if the primary account holder will be notified when the document is missing or about to expire/ has expired. You can also select the frequency and length of the reminders that the user receives. After filling out this form click Next

9. Under the Document Access section, you have the ability to select what level users the document is assigned too and what organizations. 


If you're creating a document for athletes or parents to fill out, select Everyone from the who can view/ add documents dropdown.

10. After you've filled everything out you can click Save Document on the bottom right and the document will be assigned to the athletes within the selected organizations.